Exciting tips to choose and use the right glass dildo

glass dildo

Girls love exploring their bodies with masturbation. Sometimes, even intimate moments of sex with your horny mate cannot replace the huge role of masturbation in your sensuous lives. When it comes to getting the kinkiest sex toys, glass dildos grab whole of the attention (like body massagers range (click to visit SexToys247.net.au)). Not sure about how to choose the right glass dildo out of too many hot options available online? Confused about using them too? Well, fret not when we are here to guide you. You’ve got to follow some of the exciting tips for selecting a glass dildo and taking your ‘pleasure game’ to the next level.

The size and pattern of glass dildos do matter the most. If you have chosen the wrong size, it will certainly give you tons of disappointment and frustration. For beginners who are willing to replace their simple fingering sessions with erotic …

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8 Signs your breasts are giving about your health


Breasts are a woman’s tender assets and they require proper care from time to time. They keep on changing their shapes and size due to hormonal imbalances. But sometimes, your breasts are giving you alert messages about your health that are far beyond your hormonal variations. Let’s take a look at the coded signs of breasts which indirectly link to your health:

1.Increase in their size states you’re gaining weight

Do you find some change in the size of your breasts? If yes, this is an indication that you have put on some pounds. From pregnancy to breast-feeding, there can be enormous reasons that your boobs have become bigger in size.

2.Decrease in their size states you’re losing weight

Your boobs are shrinking? Have they become a little smaller than before? This reduction in size takes place due to sudden weight loss. The other reason can involve decrease in …

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7 Things guys think when she is on top

girl on top

It becomes boring to rule over your girl in bed every single time. Guys really love it when their lady dominates in sex. She loves to take control while experimenting with different kinky positions. If your girl has a fetish for being over you while making love, you’re extremely lucky. When she is on top, these are a few thoughts running in a guy’s mind:

1.Let your boobs hit my face

While you are doing your job right, he will want those massive breasts to hit his face repeatedly. If your hair is becoming a barrier between him and your boobs, he will wish if you can just tie them up in a bun or swipe them to one side.

2.Will she take off her top too?

When she is on you with her top on, you will be dying to know if she will remove it as well. …

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Lingerie Guide For Your Exotic Date Night With Him

So, you’re all set to spend an exotic night with your boy-friend/husband! Girls spend hell lot of time in picking up the sexiest lingerie for them. For some girls, it’s not a big deal to put on some hot lingerie and flaunt it up before their partner. While some shy girls may feel excited for their date night, but still they resist showing their bold side just because they lack confidence. All the pretty ladies who are excited for their very first date night, but have no idea regarding what factors that make a lingerie sexy should follow these following tips:

1.Grab the right fit

In a lingerie set, sizes and patterns hold equal importance. You may find it enticing to grab a hot lingerie set that is one cup larger or smaller than yours, but it is totally not worth it. Spending money on something that hurts you or …

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7 things your guy will think of after seeing you naked


Guys love to fantasize their hot ladies with no clothes on. And when their fantasy of seeing their love naked turns in to reality, these are the thoughts that come across their minds first:

1.Whoa! She is gorgeous

It’s possible that he’d been waiting for this ‘naked’ moment for so long. And when that moment comes, he would not step back in complimenting you and your body. Just like food-fanatics gets insane after seeing food, your guy will be completely excited to see you unwrapped in clothes.

2.What should I do next?

Your girl has stripped in front of you, and you are not sure what to do next? A guy can feel fickle-minded thinking about the next move from his side. Shall I ask her for sex? Is she awaiting my applause? He can become numb for a few seconds, and cannot figure out what to do next …

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